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Install Instructions

Ensure you have a site with a Record Library. This library template is only available once activating the in-place records management feature. Add a Yes/No column named "Latest" to the Record Library and default to Yes. If you wish to rename the file automatically with a version number, you must also add a single line of text column named "CurrentVersion".

I recommend hiding the column from forms or at least putting in a column comment letting users know that it will be populated. To hide from forms, you must hide the field via javascript or attempt to hack the schema using the SharePoint designer trick (inconsistently works), code, or SharePoint Manager:

Download the latest wsp file from this project.

See for instructions on installing a sandboxed solution (wsp file):

This must be done in each site collection where you need this functionality.

Once installed and activated in a site collection, you must enable the "Latest Version Record Handler" feature in each subsite where you have an archive library with a Latest column.

If you want to use a standard Document Library instead of a Record Library, you must edit the source code appropriately and repackage the wsp.

If there are existing documents, you will need to manually populate the latest column in datasheet view, since the code will ignore records with nulls in the latest field.

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